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  • 8/8 - DNA Lounge (upstairs), San Francisco, CA
  • 8/16 - Le Que Vive, Oakland Drops Beats Festival, Oakland, CA
  • 9/5 - The Night Light, Oakland, CA w/Couches, Sad Bitch

Brasil is Pavement


We have released our love letter to one of our favorite bands, Pavement, an eight-song EP recorded live at Oakland’s Awaken Cafe, April 18, 2014.

Tracks are: Grounded, Stereo, Gold Soundz, Date w/IKEA, Billie, In the Mouth A Desert, Serpentine Pad and Rattled by the Rush.

Online for streaming and free download for a limited time of our choosing.

"Stay in Town" video bombs the Internet

Our very own Tom Ferguson directed the above video, a nice little taste of apocalypse to accompany the closing track on the Brasil LP, “Stay In Town.”

Prefix Mag premieres, noting “‘Stay In Town’ might be one of the most refreshing tracks in a while, simply because it washes the slate clean and breaks the slate over your head.”

Bay Bridged asks (rhetorically) "What more could you ask for in a video?"

Someone at Ion Magazine says it reminds me of creepy nineteen seventies Sesame Street.”

We dodge questions from Impose while Sjimon Gompers proclaims "Though their moniker makes a nods to the South American country of their namesake, Brasil’s embraces their Oakland home with a commitment to excellence, and holding down their post in the face of all threatening adversity." We can only hope.

And IndieRocks Mexico digs it.

Doing It Their Way | Music | Oakland, Berkeley & the Bay Area

Check out this great new feature on Brasil in this week’s East Bay Express….A big thank you to Sam LeFebevre!


Thanks USA Today!  I did not know they covered music…

Press for new album “Brasil”


Some nice press in the wake of our debut album’s release:

A great review in the East Bay Express.

Impose Magazine dissects it song by song and interviews Jasper.

SF Magazine declares they are "obsessed with" it.

SF Weekly blurbs "its excellent song craft defies any trappings of nostalgia."

Additionally, the album is/will be available at Oakland’s VAMP Music, 1-2-3-4 Go, Stranded, Amoeba Berkeley and SF and Aquarius Records. Please feel free to snap up a new LP there and support our favorite places to spend all our money this side of Reno.

Drunk At The Controls, video by Mike Harris and Tom Ferguson

Impose can't stop talking about Brasil

Getting weird at band practice with some of the East Bay’s best.

Another sweet writeup of our new video, as well as an interview with Jasper and Tom.